Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Delish Veggie Food in the Haut Marais

Paris is upping its game on the number and quality of vegetarian and vegan restaurants that offer gluten free or other dietary options that taste great and look appealing.

Café Pinson, in the Upper Marais, is one of the newest in a quality emerging field. Hip design, carefully made dishes, a bit of creativity.  This is a great address to put on your 'should try' list.

Café Pinson is mostly vegan and gluten free.  There is a selection of raw dishes on offer plus a fresh juice bar.  Bread is crusty and good but is not gluten free. The chef is currently working on a recipe for gluten free bread. Risottos and dishes based on fresh fruits and quality vegetables abound.  Dishes are not drowning in cheese... this is a sophisticated little spot with a warm welcome.
Café Pinson does a nice Sunday Brunch including savory Madeleines, slow cooked eggs, a vegetable mousse, raw or cooked granola, fresh juice, and a tasty spread made with raw hazelnuts. Brunch has become all the rage in Paris and this is a good place to settle in and enjoy..
Café Pinson
6 rue de Forez, Paris 3
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
Open 9AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday
Saturday 10AM to 7PM
Sunday 10AM to 5PM