Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two terrific restaurant finds in Paris from my April trip

Two remarkable new-to-me restaurant finds during my April tours:

Thanks to Patricia Wells’ new Food Lovers Guide to Paris I finally found a place to indulge my Chinese food and in particular, SPICY food, cravings in Paris.  Les Pates Vivantes is a tiny place on the rue Faubourg Montmartre near the rue de Martyrs neighborhood that is fabulous.  A chef makes handmade noodles in the front of the house and from the rear kitchen an array of delicious stir fries and soups emerge. Moderate prices, absolutely delicious food.  Those noodles are great!

In the heart of St. Germain des Prés seek out the tiny and increasingly popular (as the word gets out) newish Le Petit Casimir on rue Casimir Delavigne.  This was for years a sweet place with two guys, one who cooked, one who served traditional French food that was good if not amazing.  Now, a talented team, Martine and Gerard have taken this place over and they are doing absolutely delicious market fresh food for a charitable 28 E for three courses. 

Martine is a gifted cook and Gerard is a charming raconteur who serves and handles the front of the house.  He makes a delicious walnut liqueur and also makes all manner of confit of savory things like orange peel or wild garlic, which ultimately find their way in the dishes.  If you love crème brulee the version here is delicious and actually is ‘brulee-d’ with a flourish when served by Gerard with a cast iron sizzlingly hot gizmo that makes an appropriately crackling crust.  Delicious.  Good wines available from 20 E up to rarefied Burgundies.  Quite a remarkable little place.  Closed Sundays.