Monday, March 21, 2016

Our hearts go out to the people of Istanbul (and Ankara)

Once again violence has struck innocent civilians in Turkey.  Our hearts go out to the people of Istanbul and Ankara, and to visitors to Turkey, who have been victims of cynical and vile terrorist attacks designed to kill, harm and sow fear and uncertainty. 

Poetry in the Palais Royal

Only in Paris.  Montreal-based sculptor and artist Michel Goulet has taken discarded green iron French park chairs and turned them into poetry-points, gracing the beautiful gardens of the Palais Royal.

Goulet redesigned the classic chairs and made them into 10 love seats. The back of each chair is engraved with a quote or short verse  from a world-famous poet with their name below. And to complete the experience there is a portal to plug your headset into and listen to the poems in their entirety.  Goulet's objective was to make poetry more accessible to the public.

So take a seat and immerse yourself poetry, within a public space that is amongst the most beautiful in Europe.  The image is from David Leibowitz's Eye Prefer Paris newsletter.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Istanbul is open for business, great time to visit!

My guiding colleagues in Turkey tell me that Istanbul is exceptionally tranquil and line-free these days.  This city of 17 plus million people is, statistically, one of the safest cities in the world.  If you have an interest in traveling to Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey (except perhaps the south east, near the Syrian border) this is a very good time to go.

September Camino de Santiago Walk

A good colleague of mine who is a specialist in Spain is leading a small group walk along 100 carefully selected miles of the Camino de Santiago in mid-September.  The tour will start in Bilbao, in the Pays Basque.  Given the leader's broad expertise and love of Spanish food and culture, this Camino walk will combine the mindful walking with lots of good meals, wine and conversation.  Email or call me if you would like further details.  The leader has walked the entire Camino in Spain and has chosen her route to include stretches on three different Spanish caminos which will add much to the experience.

Tickets for the French Open avail after March 23

If you plan to attend the French Open at Roland Garros stadium this spring, be aware than online tickets will be available starting on March 23.  They sell out quite quickly.

Women in the Resistance At the Shoah Memorial

The Shoah Memorial, located in the Marais, hosts an active program of lectures and programs year round.  From March 8 to September 30 there will be an exhibition on women in the Resistance exploring how women of various faiths actively worked against the Nazis, at their personal peril.

Free admission.  17 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier.  Nearest metro: St. Paul.  The Shoah Memorial is closed on Saturdays and National Holidays.