Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Paris Sales Are On! June 26-July 30

The big, bi-annual Paris 'Soldes' are about to kick off.  July and January are the times, give or take a few days, that these substantial sales run in the Grands Magasins and in small boutiques.  If you have a certain item you've been wanting to buy hit the shops early on.

Remember, if you buy a substantial amount in one store (over 190 euros) take your passport to fill in the 'detaxe' forms so you can get a refund on your VAT taxes. The big stores like Galleries Lafayette and Printemps usually have special offices within the stores where you can file for the refund.

Great time to stock up on French chic.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Market Tours and Cooking Classes in the UZES area this summer

One of my favorite providers of market walks and intimately scaled cooking classes in Paris is now offering glorious-sounding market explorations and cooking classes in the Uzes area of Provence in July and August.  Meet outstanding food and wine artisans, tour authentic markets bursting with all that gorgeous bounty of the south and have a wonderful couple of hours with a charming accomplished cook.

The side benefit is that you also learn alot about French cuisine and culture in a low key engaging context.  Contact me at for more information.  I know this will be a popular offering so don't wait too long to make your stay in Provence even more delicious!