Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Creativity, Inventiveness, Contemporary Art: SALT Istanbul

Salt Beyoglu, #11 Istiklal Cd. is one of my favorite contemporary art venues in Istanbul. This multi-floored building hosts several exhibitions at any one time and is always 'out there' in the most honest, exploratory sense of contemporary art and inventiveness.  There is also a theater which screen films and other media.  Free admission. Make it a point to stop in.   Artistic freedom is increasingly important to pro-actively support in Turkey.

Just about right across the street is one of KOC University's buildings.  There is a small gallery in the rear left side of the ground floor (free admission) that always seems to have a thought provoking photography exhibition exploring Turkey's cultural heritage.  Having this and the edgier SALT so close by is wonderful.

Note that SALT Galata is a second SALT exhibition and research center in Karakoy, closer to the Bosphorus shores.  11 Bankalar Cd.   This SALT, in a restored Ottoman Bank building also has beautiful views over to the old city.

Enter this link in your browser for an interesting article on the SALT galleries.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kumkapi. A World of Tastes in Istanbul

One of the many great pleasures of Istanbul is enjoying the vast range of flavors and tastes.  As the city rockets forward many of the atmospheric older neighborhoods are modernizing in ways that aren't all wonderful.  Character is lost, small shops close, food carts disappear, authentic tastes get watered down.  Kumkapi, a densely jumbled quarter in the Old City near the Bosphorus shores is a great little neighborhood to loose yourself in for a few hours. 

Culinary Backstreets www.culinarybackstreets.com just posted an excellent piece on Kumkapi. Check this out, and you might also want to book a foodie walk in Istanbul or buy their app on delicious 'real' places to eat all over Istanbul.


Andalucia. One More Time With Sally & Sam

If you have always wanted to explore the glorious south of Spain, sunny Andalucia, consider a ten day very small group tour with me and my Seville-based colleague, Sam Lister of Tailormade Andalucia, in late April of 2017.  Travelers remain deeply interested in Spain and Andalucia is a top destination with its superb flamenco tradition, delicious food, wine and tapas, exquisite buildings remaining from Spain's Golden Age such as the Alhambra & the great Mezquita in Cordoba.

Andalucia is home to beguiling small cities like Seville, Granada, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera (home of Sherry wines), Cordoba, Carmona.... and to beautiful 'white towns' like Ronda.  And the food artisans, wine makers and olive oil producers are non-pareil.  We will be experiencing all of this and more...  the details of the tour will be announced by early July.  Ten people maximum.

Take this opportunity.  It will be a delightful immersion in a wonderfully beguiling part of Spain.

Call or email me if you have any questions please.  781 391 6183 or s.peabody@verizon.net