Friday, June 12, 2009

Paris Brocantes, Puces, Fetes and Fun

Visitors to Paris often have heard of the vast trove that is the Paris Flea Market, located just to the north of the peripherique in St. Ouen. This market, actually ten markets within the overall 'Flea Market', is world-famous and justifiably so. You can shop (or wish) for art and antiques, textiles, homewares, objets d'art that are museum quality or simply aged and charming. You can spend thousands of Euros or just a few Euros on treasures unique and delightful to your eye. Go on a weekend day unless you are a professional, then you are welcome on Fridays. Cash is expected for non-high-end purchases.

But.... there is more! France, as do most European countries, abounds in Festivals, Fetes, and various fairs that are equally social and shopping opportunities. In Paris, watch for signs for regional festivals where a particular region of France will show off its food and culture for a weekend or a few weekdays. Watch for 'Brocantes' which are temporary markets for nearly antique items from rugs to furniture to books to pottery and china, plus many other choices. These are typically frequented by Parisians and a few savvy visitors. A 'Braderie' is a rummage sale which is likely a spontaneous event not run by professional sellers. In all cases (except the regional festivals) it is fine to politely request a 'petite remise' or a discount, especially if you are buying expensive items or numerous items.

Paris is a moveable feast, fete, foire and always fun!

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