Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Good French Meal in the Latin Quarter

Sometimes the Latin Quarter seems like a tough place to find a good classic (affordable) French bistro meal. Counter-intuitive indeed, but there are lots of good Vietnamese, Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese and other ethnic options in this charmingly historic, student-dense quarter. Check out Lilane, 8 rue Gracieuse for a good bistro meal. Think confit de canard, chocolate tart, rich mashed potatoes, langoustine-stuffed ravioli, homemade Foie Gras. Menus at 16 and 20 E at lunch, 32 E in the evening.

This is just off Place Monge, home to a good small market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and, is just down the street from the amazing Maison des Trois Th├ęs where you can sample one of a hundred plus premier oolong, Pu Ehr, yellow or white teas in a beautifully designed tea salon and shop. And you are near the Arennes du Lutece, the Mosquee de Paris, and the ever-lively rue Mouffetard market street too.

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