Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheese Spotting: Paris!

If you love French cheese this is THE custom tour for you. How about a three hour immersion in the redolent world of French cheeses? Learn about the vast variety of French cheese, how to choose and pair cheeses on the cheese-plate of your dreams. And, unique to this tour, learn about the best accompaniments to cheese.... flavored and pure olive oils, flavored salts, savory confitures and more. All the while you will be guided by a renowned food writer and convivial culinary expert. And you will finish this delicious immersion with a stop for a relaxed lunch or perfectly paired cheese and charcuterie AND French wines. Fabulous.

For groups of six to ten, or talk with us about pricing for larger groups or even for smaller groups. One guest experiencing this new tour literally told my colleague that this was one of the best, most enjoyable days of her life. And this was a woman who travels frequently and is not un-sophisticated in things-culinary!

Details on or email me.

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