Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Refreshment in Paris

Yes the French do drink tea, generally very high quality tea. And yes, you can can delicious iced tea in Paris, particularly nice in hot weather. It is called Thé Glacé.

Stop in at any of the numerous Mariage Freres shops with salons and order one of their premium pure or blended teas iced. They are featuring 'Babylonia' a green tea with aromatics this summer season. Of course you need to sit down, relax and savor your tea... this isn't a zoom in and get a take out opportunity.

Patrick Barbes, the friendly tea expert and superb patissier who owns TeaThéTcha out in the 13th makes a delicious hibiscus iced tea in his pleasant, neighborhood salon. He also makes delectable patisserie, often incorporating tea as a savory ingredient.

And, if you are in a rush, there is always Starbucks or Colombus Café.

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