Monday, December 5, 2011

Stuff Parisians LIke

Now here is one finely observed, very funny book (and e-book). Olivier Magny, who is known to many as an ace sommelier and wine expert (O'Chateau winetastings and wine bar) turns out to be a very funny writer as well. Olivier's book is all about deciphering the often puzzling, sometimes irritating behaviors of that special breed of person... the Parisian. Stuff Parisians Like will have you laughing out loud... repeatedly and heartily.

After reading about how St. Pellegrino water is now the bottled water of choice for hip Parisians I couldn't help but look around in every bistro when I was in Paris in October. No Evian, no Perrier, no, no no. Yep, 'St. Pe' on every table. Decipher Parisians elaborate social rituals around getting together, eating and drinking, differences in the ways men and women view food, sex, wine. And oops.. how do 'they' see us? Where's the Beauf indeed. This is a hilarious book. A great gift and a good read anytime.

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