Monday, January 30, 2012

France Through Eyes of Faith in March

Join me in a small group immersion in the spirited mind of the middle ages in Paris, Chartres, Angers and Reims. France Through Eyes of Faith explores great gothic cathedrals, museums with exceptional medieval religious art, the luminous Apocalypse Tapestries and Jean Lurcat Chant du Monde tapestries in Angers and more. We learn to 'read' the ancient stained glass and the Cathedral statuary telling stories and teaching lessons. Finally, a day trip to Champagne to visit Reim's Notre Dame cathedral, a gothic gem where the Kings of France were crowned and the lesser known St. Remy Basilica. And a champagne cellar tour to toast our trip!

March 17 to 24. Details on This tour is fun and 'enriching'. Call Sally at 781 391 6183 or email

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