Monday, June 18, 2012

Your Custom Strawberry Tarte at Fauchon

That sweet world of patisserie in Paris conceals a competitive battle to stay on top and be out there with the next new delicious thing. Even a simple strawberry tarte can be reconfigured in a whole new way that makes it downright irresistible. Even more than normally irresistible that is! Strawberries in France are delectable and too ephemeral. If you can find Fraises de Bois anywhere buy them! On Fridays and Saturdays throughout June, Fauchon has set up a strawberry tart stand where you can customize your tart. In total there are 27 variations on this custom tarte theme. 3 types of strawberries: Mara de Bois (large wild strawberries), Fraises de Bois (small wild strawberries), and Fraise Gariguettes, sweet longish strawberries. 3 types of crusts: pate sable, or a sweet crunchy, and caramelized millefeuille 3 creamy fillings: nougat, pistachio, lemon 3 sizes: individual, 4 people, and 6-8 people You choose one from each category and voila! you have your perfect, personalized tart. This is France, you can't mix and match... but how lovely is this? The chef literally makes your custom tarte to order and puts it in a snappy pink box to take away. Fauchon is on the Place de la Madeleine in central Paris.

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