Friday, July 6, 2012

Olives, Olives and more Olives!

Parisians have a peculiar passion for stores specializing in one great thing. Or in one great thing in its various manifestations. Here is a fantastic source for olives that will have the added benefit of getting you into a very interesting quarter to explore, a bit off the beaten track. This is not far from the Canal St. Martin or the Upper Marais. Set up by Cedric Cassanova, La Tête dans les Olives has received much acclaim since it opened, with Michelin-starred reputedly chefs among the regular customers. La Téte dans les Olives is dedicated to olives from Sicily. Delicious olives, ten to twelve pure top quality olive oils and a carefully curated selection of Sicilian olive products. In the center of the shop is a miniscule restaurant with one table seating five persons. There is a sicilian-themed prix fixe menu daily costing 30 E. 2 rue St. Marthe, Paris 10. Quirky and wonderful. Very Parisian.

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