Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Belle Epoque Revisited at Le Petit Palais

PARIS 1900, SHOWCASE OF THE WORLD : At the Petit Palais
You can re-live the splendours of the capital as it was for the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle when, to celebrate the arrival of the 20th century, 51 plus million tourists came to Paris. Works from the Belle Epoque have been brought from the Petit Palais collections in reserve and added to the permanent collection, a treasure trove of fantasy. If you love Paris and love the Belle Epoque, don’t miss this show.  And best of all, the Petit Palais is a City of Paris museum and free!
Until 17 August 2014
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm  Thursdays until 8pm

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