Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Secret, Sexy Bar in Kadikoy

Kadikoy has a large student population and is a progressive community on the Asian side of Istanbul. There are lots of good options for an evening of dancing and drinking.  One is quite a 'secret'.

 Karga is so word-of-mouth, it doesn’t have a name on its door. Ducking through the secretive, tiny street-side door is like walking into a private network of intimate spaces. There are four stories, a garden, and several balconies. You can eatand drink with friends or find a private, dark and comfy corner. The mood is a little edgy, the playlist is energized.  Here are directions.. take the ferry to Kadikoy if you aren't already on the Asian side. 
Walk south on Bahariye Cad. and take the 1st right after (not in front of) the Opera House. Take the 2nd left, walk 1 block, and look for the Hobbit-sized, unmarked wooden door with a raven above it DJ's spin music Sept through May, live music through the summer. Tea 4 TL. Beer 7.50-13 TL. Shots 8-13 TL. Cocktails 19-23 TL. Open M-Th 11am-2am, F-Sa 11am-4am, Su 11am-2am. Closes in late winter.

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