Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Creativity, Inventiveness, Contemporary Art: SALT Istanbul

Salt Beyoglu, #11 Istiklal Cd. is one of my favorite contemporary art venues in Istanbul. This multi-floored building hosts several exhibitions at any one time and is always 'out there' in the most honest, exploratory sense of contemporary art and inventiveness.  There is also a theater which screen films and other media.  Free admission. Make it a point to stop in.   Artistic freedom is increasingly important to pro-actively support in Turkey.

Just about right across the street is one of KOC University's buildings.  There is a small gallery in the rear left side of the ground floor (free admission) that always seems to have a thought provoking photography exhibition exploring Turkey's cultural heritage.  Having this and the edgier SALT so close by is wonderful.

Note that SALT Galata is a second SALT exhibition and research center in Karakoy, closer to the Bosphorus shores.  11 Bankalar Cd.   This SALT, in a restored Ottoman Bank building also has beautiful views over to the old city.

Enter this link in your browser for an interesting article on the SALT galleries.

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