Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot and Hip in the 'Haut' Marais

Just in case you have a craving for tacos, tostadas and freshly made guacamole during your next gastro-swing through Paris, stop in at the tiny (10-12 seats) taqueria Candelaria on the rue Saintonge. There is Mexican food in Paris but most Mex-fans would not rave about it's authenticity or quality. Candelaria is the real deal and is gaining quite the local following. There is a 9.50 formule and you can also order a la carte as you wish. The chocolate brownies are rumored to be very good too.

This area of the Marais has been steadily getting hipper and fuller of new shops, bistros, interesting places. Candelaria is a great addition to that mix.

Candelaria. 52 rue Saintonge, Paris 3. Metro: Filles Calvaire
Open 7 days, 12PM-11PM Sunday to Wed., 12PM-12AM Thursday to Saturday

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