Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hearts, Prayers and Healing Wishes go out to Istanbul Following the Murders in Sultanahmet

Once again there has been a horrific suicide bombing sowing destruction and murder, deliberately set in the heart of a great city.  Istanbul's historic Sultanahmet Square, with its centuries of history has seen its share of triumph and tragedies. This latest tragic attack is infuriating in its cowardice and outright evil. 

I join the legions of people of good will who send caring and supportive thoughts, and healing wishes, to the families of the victims, to the people of Istanbul, and to the greater community around the world that loves and cherishes this richly layered city.  This, as with the attacks in Paris, will surely dissuade visitors to Turkey who fear for safety in public spaces. That is of course exactly what the attackers would like to have happen.  I, for one, am planning to head to Istanbul as soon as I can.

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