Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yet Another Stellar Cheese Shop in Paris

Taka and Vermo is a lovely, high quality cheese shop newly opened on the rue du Faubourg St. Denis.  Laure Taka and Matthieu Vermo are the owners and affineurs.  They left other careers three years ago to seriously study cheese and the world of the affineur in France. They worked at top Paris cheese shops and spent months traveling in France and Italy to refine their knowledge and to research small scale artisanal cheese makers.

Laure is Japanese, so she has incorporated Japanese flavors into some of the cheeses. One pungent cheese is flavored with sansho pepper, another is a Saint Nectare topped with candied Yuzu.  Another beautifully decorated cheese was encased in edible flowers. They specialize in classic Roqueforts.

Taka & Vermo work closely with their cheese making colleagues and mature their cheese in the shop's cheese cellar.

The shop also sells a curated selection of wines, all bio dynamic, and organic beer.  There are other traditional fromagerie staples such as eggs, butter, and yogurt.

This shop is a great addition to this stretch of Faubourg St. Denis which remains a little gritty, but, which offers more and more enticing food shops.  All success to Taka and Vermo! Pay them a visit when you are in Paris.

Taka &Vermo
61 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010
Metro: Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

Open Tuesday- Friday 9:30AM-1: 30PM, 4PM-8: 30PM
Saturday- 9:30AM-8: 30PM, Sunday 9:30AM-2PM

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